Valentine's Day impacts some more than others?

Posted by barbara on February 13, 2012

Blog_heart_IMG_1412.JPGWhat if the extent to which, and the way, that each of us experiences religion, love and other transcendent experiences, including meditation, is directly influenced by whether we are right brain versus left brain dominant individuals?

When it comes to atheists and believers (theists), recent research reported on ABC Radio National The Spirit of Things suggests that there is a correlation between right brainers and belief versus left brainers and disbelief. Check out:

Could the way we experience the world, as in left brain versus right, influence how open we are to some of the more overwhelming experiences of love, religion and the rest?

And what implications does that have for those in pursuit of true love of the swept away variety?

Makes sense if you are a right brainer but less so if you are left brain dominant.


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