Some watch (Breitling), some stunt over Sydney Harbour!

Posted by barbara on March 7, 2013


OK, so there's a guy checking out Sydney Harbour from an unusual vantage, as in standing on the elevated roof of the biplane on the right.


There he is, atop the red-striped wingspan of the said biplane, going through his moves with a second biplane and helicopter in attendance, no doubt taking close up photographs for an upcoming Breitling watch advertisment.


Clearly the stunt dude has no problems when it comes to vertigo, and strapped on as he surely is, and holding onto a metal frame, he can't come to much harm, for all his gymnastics and gyrations.



No doubt in the 'olden days' he would have been a circus man or woman riding bareback and doing handstands on a prancing horse. 


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