Rise in resting heart rate signals cardiac mortality?

Posted by barbara on February 8, 2012

Blog_take_pulse_mini_IMG_1398.jpgLet's just check your blood pressure?

Most doctors routinely check their patient's blood pressure to keep track of how they are travelling physically from one visit to the next.

A recent ABC RN Health Report presented by Doctor Norman Swan suggested that they should also be checking our resting heart rate.

Why is this important?

Research suggests that if your heart beats per minute rise by an order of 15, say from 70 to 85 over a period, it could indicate that you're a candidate for pending heart trouble.

How do you measure a resting heart rate? Sit still for five minutes, find your pulse, count the number of beats over 15 seconds and multiply by four. Voila!

For the transcript and download, go to: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/healthreport/resting-heart-rate/3810372

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