Fear of missing out akka FOMO?

Posted by barbara on September 11, 2011

Fear of missing out? Oh my god. So the younger generations are apparently on high alert all hours of the day or night to monitor what's happening in case they miss out on something really important, be it the next big thing or a must have experience?

Compare that with growing up in the sixties when the biggest thrill of the week might be the release of a new Rolling Stones or Beatles single, or getting a box of slides delivered in the mail two weeks after they were posted to Kodak!

How pedestrian was the pace of life, by comparison, of the younger generation's parents, and which treadmill would one rather be on? When it came to provoking envy in the so-called olden days, it was the social pages of broadsheet newspapers that gave the rest of us an insight into the lives of the rich, famous and wannabees - as in the smiley happy people apparently having so much fun late into the night.

By all accounts Facebook has usurped that role, providing an in-your-face cornucopia of what everyone else is up to, to the detriment of those who feel they can't possibly live up to what is going down elsewhere.

Is such having to measure up a good or bad thing? For some, I fear, it must be an absolute downer.


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