Ermington Bay Nature Trail opens

Posted by barbara on November 12, 2011


For anyone looking for family friendly off road bike rides in Sydney's inner West, it's hard to go past the newly constructed link from Wharf Road, Ermington to George Kendall Reserve.

The new trail's raised boardwalks and concrete based shared path skirt the tidal mangroves of Ermington Bay.

Accessed via Silverwater Bridge, the completion of this vital link, a project jointly funded by Parramatta City Council and government agencies, expands the length of cycling routes within easy reach of Sydney Olympic Park Authority's recently opened Blaxland Riverside Park and Wilson Park.


As the tide drops, the mudflats dominate the view from a relaxing lookout that provides downstream (easterly views).


Exercise is one thing. In a world where slow movements of all kinds are on the rise - slow food and so on - new opportunities to appreciate something as subtle as the rise and fall of the tide on the Parramatta River could be viewed by some as a novelty.


The elevated boardwalks of the Ermington Bay Nature Trail (opened in November 2011) provide access to the mangroves and contemplative lookouts over the everchanging Parramatta River and the rise and fall of the tides.


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