The moon and planets align

Posted by barbara on May 28, 2011

No camera operated by a sleepy amateur could do justice to today's alignment of a quarter moon and three of the four planets that have appeared to be 'dancing' in the pre-dawn skies throughout May.

The spartan but elegant spectacle was too spread out, too far flung to be captured with even a half way decent SLR camera and a wide angle lens.

How so? The planetary alignment of 28 May was in stark contrast to the tight knit horizontal grouping drawn to the world's attention on 13 May as a must not miss event. Anyone who took the time to rise early on that day would have witnessed an arrangement reminiscent of a small diamond brooach with three or four sparklers in close proximity.

Not so this morning's alignment which was a whole of sky extravaganza resembling a celestial stairway to heaven via the most briliant of staging post moons. This unusual phenomonen was more reminiscent of an unclasped diamond and pearl necklace that stretched diagonally across the dawning sky from north to south. Only in this case the diamonds were planets and the pearl a bulging quarter moon that sat atop the string of 'diamonds', open-ended to the heavens.

What must have ancient onlookers made of such celestial pronunciations from on high in the days when the the goings on in the heavens were the only form of mass entertainment across the globe?


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