Turnbull injects a little ray of sunshine

Posted by barbara on July 22, 2011


Malcolm Turnbull's climate change address heralds a new dawn in cut through communications

'Are you stupid?' Sydney-based shockjock Alan Jones foams at the mouth. 'Go away! Don't you know we've had a gutful?'

For once he wasn't referring to Julia 'Juliar' Gillard or Bob Brown when he assaulted the air waves this morning. Let alone insisting that they should be taken out to sea in chaff bags and dumped, a shameless and inflammatory turn of phrase on his part that the ABC's Media Watch bought to our attention last Monday night. Jones' rabid ranting was instead reserved for one of his own political persuasion, the Opposition Minister for Communications, one Malcolm Turnbull.

And for what crime was the latter so chastised? For daring to stand up and defend the science of climate change and Australia's pre-eminent scientists. In my humble opinion, Turnbull did more in his 21 July Sydney speech to the Virginia Chadwick Memorial Foundation to counter the climate change deniers than the combined shoe leather of the Labor Party and the Greens.

No waffle, no obsfurcation, no dissembling, no spin. Just sheer unadulterated cut through with gravitas and authority. A little ray of sunshine in a dismal spell of simply appalling political weather. I almost felt proud to be Australian.

As the Murdoch Press and its undue influence on politics the world over finally comes in for due scrutiny, when will the clearly biased antics of the untouchable commercial shockjocks get their comeuppance?

Had Tony Abbott bettered Julia Gillard in the long drawn out negotiating stakes that saw the Greens and Independents finally throwing their weight behind Labor, would Abbott not have found himself in the exact same position of having to compromise the promises he made in order to garner their support? There but the grace of God went he!

Had Tony claimed the throne, would Alan Jones have preached to his various audiences the merits of Tony Abbott being likewise 'bagged' and dumped at sea? Who knows?

While Abbott and Turnbull might be neck and neck when it comes to vaulting personal ambition, at least Turnbull does it with his head in gear, sticks to his principle and appears to have his eye on what's best for the country.

Today's online responses to Turnbull's address suggest that disillusioned Laborites would prefer Turnbull as Prime Minister, regardless of which of the major party claims power. Not so the rusted on Liberals, Alan Jones included, who are busy telling Malcolm Turnbull just where to go.





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