'Thunderbolt' holes up in the granite belt

Posted by barbara on August 9, 2011


Weary from hard riding, Thunderbolt's trusty horses rested up in this readymade 'high roofed' 'stable'

Within a stone's throw of the main route from Tenterfield to the goldfields of Warwick in QLD, one of Thunderbolt's many hideouts accommodated bushranger and beasts in adjoining quarters, thanks to the geology and mode of weathering of the local granite belt geology.



Thunderbolts Gully and this snug shelter were home to Thunderbolt when in Tenterfield country

For Fred Ward akka Captain Thunderbolt, this overhang, a natural granite country landform, provided an all weather shelter and a handy 'roof top' lookout over the goldfields route for anyone agile enough to scale the overhead boulders.



A view to die for from Thunderbolt's 'stables'? Not exactly stainglass but attractive nonetheless

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