Australia Day versus Anniversary Day?

Posted by barbara on January 26, 2016


Sydney Harbour on Tuesday 26 January 2016, our so-called Australia Day


Australia Day versus Invasion Day?

In my humble opinion, all the discussions about whether Australia Day is on the right or wrong day continue to miss the point.

It wasn’t until 1888 that the term ‘Australia Day’ came into being. Before that it was an east coast event, generally referred to as  Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, or ANA (Australian Natives Day) Day, the latter especially in Melbourne.

Previously it had been up to each of the colonies to do their own thing, based around their individual and very different startup dates.

So to sweep up each colonial event into January 26 is surely a gross over generalisation, not to mention insensitive to those who lost so much as the ‘tall ships' entered the harbor for the first time, the First Australians. 

As a mature nation, if we are to celebrate the achievements of what started out as a 'throw away' penal colony, what better date could we settle on?

On 9 May 1901, Australia's self governing colonies came together as a federation. Surely that date would better serve to commemorate the true birth of the nation, an obvious choice that many before me have raised as an alternative.


Tall_Ships_and_planes_blog_mini_IMG_9534.jpgSydney Harbour on Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tall_Ships_2_IMG_9618_blog_mini.jpgSydney Harbour on Tuesday 26 January 2016

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