Reprieve for flying foxes?

Posted by barbara on May 18, 2011

What if the colony of bats due to be scared out of the Royal Botanic Gardens by an electronic sound blast decide to relocate to the Lillypilies and Port Jackson figs of Kirribilli, the first 'station' up the line?

One's sympathy must be for the bats whose habitat has been dramatically reduced and impacted over the last two centuries plus. Thus said, I can't help wondering whether the modelling has been done to sort out exactly where they might disperse to? Each night the bats fly out of the Royal Botanic Gardens with a percentage heading north, presumably in the direction of the Lindfield colony which I believe was their original starting point. Indeed in the 1990s the bats used to fly south from Lindfield to the lower north shore and presumably some of these ended up in the Gardens which over time has become the main colony.

If the bats are removed from the gardens, will they take up a more permanent roost in the Kirribilli, Milsons Point, North Sydney precinct?  If so, has North Sydney Council consideredits options in the circumstances, should the colony relocate across the harbour? An interesting waiting game is about to unfold, not the least for the poor bats, moved on 'from pillar to post'.

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