Action on climate change

Posted by barbara on June 5, 2011


Police on horses are an instant hit, especially with kids.

World Environment Day dawns bright. Get up is the message, as in not only click on a tab that takes a few seconds of your life (as in add your voice to this online 'sign here' campaign) but turn out in person. As in take one to three hours max out of your Sunday (by the time you turn out, turn up and get back to whatever you normally do) for the environment.

As in be there in person!

Many made an effort to be there in body and spirit at Prince Alfred Park on a day that defied the BOM's unpromising weather forecast, 10,000 or so as estimated.

Well done Get Up and those who got up, got out and got there on cue.

A big morning out. But did the media give it the coverage it deserved? I wish.


Mr no carbon tax and pooch

Not everyone agreed with the sentiments of the climate change rally.



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