Water's up in NSW's Kinchega National Park

Posted by barbara on January 17, 2012


We're on the border of Kinchega National Park in the last week of December 2011, and a squad of cormorants are having a ball, 'body surfing' and fishing the release of water, presumably into the Darling River Anabranch.


The cormorant's enthusiam remains unabated throughout the day as they take advantage of fish species exiting Lake Menindee. Which fish? Subsequent fishy experiences suggest that they are rats of our inland waters, namely the introduced European Carp!


Here come the carp!

Driving into the heritage-listed Kinchega Woolshed in late December 2011, one couldn't help but be distracted by the sideshow as multiple fish, presumably European Carp, did their level best to reverse their exit out of the upstream waterway.

An endless stream of the said fish kept throwing themselves in the general direction of the release pipes in their efforts to return upstream.


Not all carp are happy when it comes to the Darling River and its anabranch. The late December 2011 release of water appears to have stranded some carp.


Whereas some fish may be stranded, the branch of the Darling that flows past the heritage remains of the Kinchega homestead is alive with sucking fishlings, presumably baby carp. Check out their ripple-ringed tiny mouths breaking the surface. Sigh!

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