The new golden fleece is canola?

Posted by barbara on October 30, 2011


The glimpse of gold on the horizon when driving north to Goulburn NSW is a winter crop of canola, classed by the  NSW Department of Primary Industries (Agriculture) as '. . . the most important oilseed crop in the dryland farming systems of central and southern NSW'. 


For a winter crop coming to fruition, talk about vivid, as they say. Is canola the next 'golden fleece' on the Australia's agenda? A recent Landline interview positions canola as a 'break' crop.

According to Dr John Kirkegaard, CSIRO Plant Industry, 'Canola comes in as a rotation crop, really, to assist you to control the weeds and diseases that will get into the wheat.'

And as commentator Chris Clark on ABC Second Bite noted 'it can be very successfully grazed following similar principles to wheat and produce excellent yields.'

So does that mean that parts of the Southern Highlands are now a wheat sheep canola belt? For more:



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