Patawarta Hill, South Australia

Posted by barbara on September 28, 2013


Patawarta Hill viewed from Mount Ohlssen Bagge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Looking northward, this view of a distant Patawarta Hill was photographed with a 250 mm zoom lens from the top of Mount Ohlssen Bagge in the Flinders Ranges. A 2.5 hour up and back walk from the Wilpena Pound Resort, the latter peak is well worth climbing for its spectacular views across Wilpena Pound and surrounding range country, including the Far North of South Australia.


Patawarta Hill viewed from Blinman, South Australia

To the north, Patawarta Hill is well and truly in our sights once we reach the outskirts of Blinman, a tiny ex-mining town north of Wilpena Pound. Photographed through a 250 mm lens, the landmark dominates the skyline, looming above the rolling hills that surround the township.


Patawarta Hill viewed from the easterly four wheel drive route into the ruins of Artimore station

Photographed from the east, as in effectively a 'side on' view to its iconic 'front on' pose, we get an entirely different view of Patawarta Hill. 


Patawarta Hill photographed from the west, en route to Moolooloo Station, 20 kilometres NW of Blinman

In another example of 'shape shifting', this is what Patawarta Hill looks like from the west. The lower foothill ridges ramp up to the most resilient bedrock in the local area, Patawarta Hill. 


Patawarta Hill viewed from above. Courtesy Google Earth: Image c DigitalGlobe c 2013 Cmes/Spot Image.

Can you pick out Patawarta Hill from above? It's the slightly lightly coloured diamond-shaped landform in the approximate middle of the aerial photo.

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