Orange does good 'Fall'

Posted by barbara on May 14, 2011


The autumn colours - the so-called season of 'fall' to some parts of the world - were sensationally red, yellow and of course . . . orange, the legacy of the City of Orange's love affair with ornamental trees from far off climes and countries.

For those of us who shun traveling over Easter because of the traffic and wet weather up and down the east coast, the Central West was the place to be. Fine, still and warm in the sun, with the autumn leaves an absolute bonus.

And wasn't the beauty of Easter 2011 that it ran into Anzac Day (25 April), creating a five day Easter break for the first time since who knows when?

That's because Easter is a moveable feast, its date shifting in line with the timing of the first full moon after the first day of autumn (in the southern hemisphere) or spring (in the northern).


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