Mother of Ducks Lagoon occupies the high ground

Posted by barbara on September 3, 2011


Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve, Guyra, northern NSW

One of the highest settlements in Australia at 1,330 metres above sea level, Guyra is no stranger to colder than average winters and plentiful frosty nights. Most travellers passing through this Northern Tablelands township are oblivious to the extensive lagoon that adjoins the local golf course.

On the western edge of the township, the scenic Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve comes as a pleasant surprise for those taking a break to stretch their legs.


Not quite as natural as it once once, the lagoon has been maintained by engineering works


And yes there were ducks and other waterbirds in the short time we were there.




Orange coating comes with the territory and the elevation

How cold is this town? The local trees and shrubs, coated in orange lichen - as are the picnic tables - bear the unmistakeable colours of a seriously cold and fog bound locality.


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