Katoomba landslide versus rockfall?

Posted by barbara on February 11, 2012


A landslide injures four walkers on the Giant Stairs near Echo Point on the evening of Friday 10 February 2012?

Just one week before, on the Federal Pass, we came across a very recent rock fall not far from the bottom of the Scenic Railway that blocked the path and decimated a tree fern and nearby tree.

I certainly wouldn't want to have been on the track when it toppled off the cliff face above.

Indeed the soggy walk from the bottom of the Scenic Railway round to the Golden Stairs and Narrow Neck was frequently interrupted by trees across the track, a number of them apparently brought down by sizeable chunks of sandstone.


Toppled boulders old and new lie side by side.

Should there be temporary signs on the access routes, the Giant Stairs, Golden Stairs and Furbers Pass that remind walkers of the risks of falling boulders after lengthy wet weather?

If aware of the risk, forewarned walkers might act faster at the sound of a landslide and seek cover, meagre as it might be. There are, after all, lots of big boulders to shelter under from previous rock falls.


The waterlogged cliffs above Federal Pass (the track beneath the escarpment) are the source of loosened Triassic sandstone boulders. 


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