Kalang and Kanangra Falls, Kanangra Boyd National Park

Posted by barbara on February 6, 2012


This waterlogged scene (5 February 2012) is not your typical bushwalking experience when it comes to Kanangra Walls. The amount of standing water on the plateau, however, would be no surprise to Greater Blue Mountains residents after several weeks of no sun and full on rain.

What does this mean to the local waterways, beloved of intrepid abseillers during drier weather?


For the tourists negotiating the impressive NPWS trackwork that leads down to the top of Kalang Falls, the upstream view remains a question when it comes to what happens to all that water.

Where exactly does it go? 


While walking down to Kalang Falls gives a glimpse of the uppermost watery 'leap', the only way to fully appreciate the extent and depth of the river's succession of falls off the Boyd Plateau is to walk out to Kanangra Walls and look back in wonder, especially after prolonged wet weather.


A number of falls, presumably Kanangra and Kalang, descend into the depths.



Viewed from the Kanangra Walls plateau, the succession of falls, usually low key and barely visible, make an impression after wet weather.


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