Cotton on. Australia 2nd biggest exporter after USA!

Posted by barbara on August 1, 2012



Raw cotton under wraps on its way to Moree

We're driving north from Narrabri to Moree (NSW Australia) and the roadside is peppered with small white blobs that give the impression of a truck having lost its load of rubbish.

Only it's not paper litter that's periodically escaping the back of the truck in front of us and scattering the the winds.

When we stop the car and get out to stretch the legs, it soon becomes apparent that the white 'litter' on either side of the road that looks remarkably similar to the cotton balls purchased in the supermarket is in fact raw cotton.

As it turns out, the truck is carting cotton to the local gin in Moree where the seeds are removed from the cotton boles.


Yellow bales of cotton line newly harvested fields either side of the road to Moree

Not all cotton travels to the gins under canvas. Around 80 per cent of cotton growers have adopted a revolutionary three year old labour saving technology that harvests the cotton and packs it into a plastic-wrapped round module also known as a 'cheese wheel formation'.

Thanks to the new technology, harvesting this year's record cotton yield, (eight times the harvest during the recent drought) is now a one man operation.



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