Climbing Federation Peak, Eastern Arthurs, South West Tasmania

Posted by barbara on November 2, 2014


Left to right: Barbara Cameron-Smith, Pete Fogarty, Greg Retallack and Graeme Edenborough on the summit of a mist-wreathed Federation Peak. Photo: Graeme Edenborough

For ardent walkers,  South West Tasmania's Federation Peak has long been considered to be THE peak Australian walking/mountaineering experience.

As university students with a mountaineering bent, our week long swing through the Eastern Arthurs was an adventure par excellence. Pre the invention of lightweight ergonomic camping gear, quality freeze dried food and emergency eperb devices, the degree of difficulty was compounded by inadequate maps and the remoteness of the area.


Left to right: Greg, Pete, Barbara (behind Pete) on the summit of Federation Peak after the mist cleared, with Precipitous Bluff in the background. Photo: Graeme Edenborough

On a trip of this nature, walkers are at the mercy of the weather, especially if not relying on air drops.  Here's a blow by blow account of our walk on the South West Tassie wildside.

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