The next Broken Hills?

Posted by barbara on January 29, 2012


South west of Broken Hill, the Pinnacles are no longer a tourist attraction promoted by the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre. Don't bother was the latter's recommendation when I idly enquired, their negative response sparking my curiosity.

Having admired these distinctive landmarks from afar in the 1970s, I ignored such advice and we drove through the back blocks of Broken Hill to get within reach of these upstanding landforms.


Not surprisingly, any landform in the Broken Hill context is an object of mineralogical interest, considering what the 'Broken Hill' delivered to Australia's mineral wealth once the miners began to dig deep in earnest for ssilver lead and zinc.


Such elegant landforms are up for the chopping block was my first thought, but in retrospect I discover, everything new is old. The Pinnacles were first mined in the 1880s (




Such 'lovely bones' so to speak that presumably suggest to mineralogists that riches may be 'underfoot'.


This is as far as we get, as in a locked gate, in our quest to visit the Pinnacles.

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