Bald Rock rocks

Posted by barbara on September 23, 2011


The ultimate lookout over northern NSW - Bald Rock National Park

If you're young and/or relatively fit and happen to be travelling from the northern NSW town of Tenterfield to Stanthorpe in Queensland, it's worth stopping off at Bald Rock National Park for the ultimate in opportunities to stretch your legs.

Australia's largest granite exposed surface (outcrop is quite a climb at 200 metres high, 750 metres long and 500 metres wide.

How does that compare with Uluru (Ayers Rock) out of Alice Springs, regarded by most as the largest monolith in the country? While Uluru (weathered out of arkose sandstone) dwarfs Bald Rock, at 348 metres high, 3.6 kilometres long and 1.9 km wide, Bald Rock is not to be sniffed at. And the beauty is, there are no restrictions on climbing it, other than common sense.


Climbing to the top of Bald Rock, a physical activity that can be tackled by tourists of all ages, is a rewarding experience. All the more so because of the fantastic views north to Mount Warning and the Border Ranges, and in every other direction.

Just follow the white painted dots that on occasion can be mistaken for splodges of lichen! On on and up!


Looking north to the Border Ranges and Mount Warning


This huge outcropping rock, with its erosion gully striations, is offset by granite boulders on the highest reaches of the outcrop.


While the direct route heads up the steeply sloping rock, the alternative route sidled back and forth through the boulder strewn bushland.

Approaching via the direct route (straight up) and descending via the sidling bushland route provides the best of both worlds.


PS: As for Australia's highest outcrop, that title applies to Mount Augustus, a landform some 850 kilometres north of Perth that measures 858 metres high, 8 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide. Who would have thought!

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