Australia's Snowy River - from Mount Kosciuszko to the Southern Ocean

Posted by barbara on December 20, 2014


The Snowy River Inlet, Marlo, Victoria


When it comes to the mighty Snowy River, popular history focuses fairly and squarely on its headwaters in the Australian Alps and the catchment immediately downstream of NSW's Mount Kosciuszko and its attendant high peaks.

Little attention is given to the river's end point 352 kilometres downstream at the Snowy Inlet, adjacent to the tiny Victorian township of Marlo.


Snowy Inlet, Marlo, near Orbost, Victoria


The size of the inlet reflects the original volume and forcefulness of the Snowy River before 99 per cent of its flow was diverted inland by the Snowy Mountains Scheme to feed the Murray and Murrumbidgee irrigation schemes.


The capacious inlet, just upstream from the mouth of the Snowy River.


It was not surprising that engineers of the day set their sights on harnessing the Snowy River's huge spring snow-melt, rather than allowing it to 'go to waste' by pouring out to sea at Marlo. The subsequent impact on the Snowy River and the habitats that depended on it continues to a major concern to those who care about the natural environment of the river from mountain top to mouth.

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