Australia's 21st century golden fleece

Posted by barbara on September 15, 2011


Australia's first payable gold field, Ophir NSW, is an easy drive from Bathurst

The Ophir of 2011 appears little changed from painterly illustrations of the 1851 goldfield, leaving aside the throng of miners and tent towns. Although the gravels and hillsides were dug up and sluiced, the lay of the land remains relatively intact and instantly recognisable.

While the Ophir miners were tinkering with the landscape in the name of winning gold, their rearranging of the landscape can't possibly compare with the impact of modern day gold mining techniques 160 years down the track.


Lake Cowal Gold Mine

This central New South Wales gold mine is northwest of West Wyalong and around 60 km south west of Forbes. The heaped up layers of open cut gold bearing and waste rock have created a striking new landscape in their own right.

To give this superstructure some perspective, the giant-sized dump trucks driving along the top of it look like busy ants.


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