Cairns Esplanade makes a plus out of a potential minus

Posted by barbara on May 25, 2016



Located in Far North Queensland's Wet Tropics, Cairns could be considered by some to have started out as an accidental tourist destination. Its main claim today is its key role as an embarkation point for commercial shipping to the Great Barrier Reef, along with Port Douglas and Townsville.

Good urban planning and investment in infrastructure has made a virtue out of the tidal mudflats that come and go as the tides retreat and advance.




Attractive boardwalks and viewing areas 'frame' the shifting tides, with the backdrop of the hinterland ranges, not to mention the waters of the inner reef, constantly in play.




While Cairns might be better known for its tidal mud flats (pictured here), the northen end of the esplanade provides access to narrow strips of sandy beach.



The extent of the esplanade, and opportunities to 'promenade' with visitors and locals alike, encourage outdoor activity amongst locals and tourists alike.




A lot of work has gone into the planning and design of the foreshore esplanade, including the stretch leading up to the cruise ship docking precinct.




New and old infrastructure coexist happily side by side.

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