Picturing the hills east of Harden NSW

Posted by barbara on May 16, 2015


My starting point was a quick acrylic 'sketch' on a freezing morning on the road to Sydney from Harden. I later scanned the little canvas and in Photoshop added in some improvements, including the funny square features in the sky and the furrows on the hill in the middle ground!

So how does this semi original graphic shape up when put through a series of Photoshop filters? 



This is what Photoshop Filter - Palette Knife makes of the near Harden view, just one of a multiple of options under this particular filter, with three settings in play to muck around with.  It takes a representational image and turns into an abstract rendition.



And here's Photoshop Filter - Fresco, one of my favourites. If only my artist's eye automatically 'landed' on this take of the landscape, which is so dark and meaningful, and more interesting than real life.



Well, look at this! It's one of the multiple options under the Photoshop Filter - Find Edges. Totally amazing!



And here's Photoshop Filter - Dry Brush. Once again the filters rule when it comes to converting a 'so so' sketchy painting into a genuinely interesting graphic, in my humble opinion.



And this is what one version of the multiple on offer under Photoshop's Neon Glow filter looks like.

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