Picturing Tenterfield country in central northern NSW

Posted by barbara on May 22, 2015


This Corel Painter Essentials WACOm sketch was based on a photograph taken out of the window on a drive through the hills around Tenterfield, northern NSW. 



So what does the original image look like once transformed via one or more Photoshop filters. Here's what the Artistic - Photo Edges filter looks like, an altogether different rendition.



Here's Photoshop filter Artistic - Palette Knife, one of multiple options available once you 'work' the left to right sliders.



And I don't mind Photoshop filter Artistic - Paint Daubs one little bit.



Photoshop filter Artistic - Watercolour, one of my old favourites, seems a tad overdone in this instance.



Here's what happens if you wrangle the image through Photoshop's Graphic Pen function.



This Photoshop filter Artistic Fresco to my mind has rendered the original overly dark and gothic in this instance. 



Here's Photoshop Filter's Polar Coordinates version of the original Tenterfield graphic. Interesting, but hangable? 

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