Picturing Patawarta Hill, Far North South Australia

Posted by barbara on October 18, 2013


Patawarta Hill, Far North South Australia

This is my original digital drawing of Patawarta Hill, Far North South Australia, created on a WACOM tablet in Chalk brush mode.

My reference was a photograph I took on the approach road from the Angorichina Tourist Village to the tiny ex mining township of Blinman in early 2013.


Even to my own eyes, my original drawing is somewhat insipid and lacking in impact.

I look at it in different eyes after applying a range of Photoshop filters, including the Mezzotint version above. 


The version above shows what the Trace Contour filter can do to a ho hum 'chalk' sketch of Patawarta Hill.


One of my favourite Artistic filters is Watercolour (results above). And once again it adds drama to my original image.


And look at what happens when I apply Photoshop's Extrude Filter. The outcome is a fascinating version of the original artwork.


Here's what one of my favourite Artistic Filters can do to my original 'sketch', namely Fresco. It's all about gravitas, surely.


Getting used to my first encounter with Photoshop's Glowing Edges filter.


Not exactly sure what filter I used to create the above version. Will have to go back and check, to be sure.

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