Picturing the Tumut Hills Southern NSW

Posted by barbara on May 17, 2015


The painting above was based on a photo taken just out of Tumut in southern NSW on the outskirts of the Snowy Mountains.

How does the original image 'scrub up' in a number of Photoshop filters? Let's see.



Here is Photoshop's Artistic Filter - Sponge, which I don't mind one little bit.



Photoshop's Sketch - Graphic Pen is quite a revelation.



And here's Photoshop's Filter - Palette Knife and doesn't it wonderfully simplify the landscape, doing what an expert artist can do in her or his head!



OMG. 'Wrangling' my painting through the Photoshop Filter - Glowing Edges is quite a revelation. Isn't that lovely!



Here is Photoshop's Filter - Poster Edges, a very attractive rendition of my original oil painting.



And here's Photoshop's Fresco filter, which is kind of nice.

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