Picturing the Blue Mountain's Grose Valley, NSW

Posted by barbara on May 18, 2015



My original oil painting was sufficently sizeable that I had to scan it in parts 1, 2 and 3, add them together in Photoshop and fix up the margins akka the 'splits' between abutting images.



In my opinion, the representational painting looks a lot better after being transformed by Photoshop's Watercolour filter, the version above just one of multiple options on sliding scales for this filter.



And here's Photoshop's Artistic Filter - Poster Edges, a revelation to me, with so much to like about it.



As always, Photoshop's Filter Artistic - Fresco adds value. Again this is just one of countless options you can 'dial up' using the sliders as in brushstroke size and so forth.



I so love the above simplification via Photoshop Filter - Artistic - Palette Knife which effectively 'abstracts' my original 'hard copy' painting. If only my brain could automatically arrive at this rendition without the assistance of technology.



And here's what happens if you run the original painting through the Photoshop Filter - Coloured Pencil.

It's not half bad, in my opinion.

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