Picturing Mutawintji (National Park), north western NSW, Australia

Posted by barbara on October 12, 2013


The red rocks of the Bynguano Ranges dominate the arid landscape of Mutawintji National Park, 878 km west of Sydney and about 130 km north-east of Broken Hill


My original 'sketch' of Mutawintji National Park above was created on a WACOM tablet using the Chalk brush function.

Blog_Corell_Mutawintji_watercolour.jpgI created the version above by applying the Photoshop Filter - Artistic - Watercolour.


This is how the original graphic turned out when I applied Photoshop's Artistic Filter - Sponge.


As always, Photoshop's Artistic filter - Fresco darkens the original graphic, to the point where I had to adjust the brightness to make it acceptable, at least to my eyes.


Blog_Corell_Mutawintji_plastic_wrap.jpg Here's something different, namely Photoshop's Artistic Filter - Plastic Edges.

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