Picturing Mount Chambers, Far North South Australia

Posted by barbara on September 13, 2013


Mount Chambers, Far North South Australia

Inspired by digital photos I took of Mount Chambers in Far North South Australia in January 2013, I dashed off this watercolour sketch.

East of Blinman and south west of Arkaroola, Mount Chambers has its own distinctive brand of scenic beauty and bears little resemblance to the much better known Flinders Ranges landscape to its south west.


Mount Chambers, Far North South Australia, Photoshop - Filter - Artistic - Watercolour

While my natural instinct was to choose softer subdued colours for the watercolour sketch, I was delighted to see how much more impactful the sketch was once I scanned it to desktop and applied my favourite Photoshop Filter, namely Artistic - Watercolour. 

This key stroke function instantly heightened the watercolour sketch's tonal values and created a more interesting and edgy rendition of the orginal work of art.

This is just one of the many versions I could have chosen under Artistic - Watercolour to create a 'different take' of the same image. The options are endless once you adjust the available settings as in mix and match. One original sketch, endless possibilities.


Approaching Mount Chambers

As for the landscape itself, no work of art can do justice to the real thing.

Regardless, the most telling thing is that once the sketch has been put through the Filter - Watercolour option, it appears much closer to the original image than my wishy washy watecolour. What a great learning curve!


A closer view of Mount Chambers



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