Picturing Glass Gorge near Blinman, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Posted by barbara on October 3, 2016



The graphic above is a WACOM Chalk paintbrush digital rendition of a view I snapped out the passenger car window in 45 plus degree heat in 2012 while travelling between Moolooloo Station and Blinman in far north South Australia. No need to point out that it is incomplete, most notably in the foreground!



Photoshop's Filter Distortion - Polar Coordinate provides a completely different perspective on the original graphic and highlights the incompleteness of the artwork in the foreground. Cropping in on the central 'vortex' add value to this distorted view.



Must say that I can live with the intensity of the version above, created using the three graduation 'sliders' under Artistic Filter - Watercolour, as in having a play, left and right.  



Oh my! I do love Artistic Filter - Smudgestick. Again it adds intensity whiche was lacking in my original 'sketch' where I was focusing, perhaps to my detriment, on getting the intricate details down pat.



Here's Photoshop's Filter Glowing Edges, one of my all-time favourites. Such a clever and colourful rendition of the original.



Hullo Artistic Filter - Fresco, once again a more rugged and intense version of the original 'softly, softly' piece of digital artwork.


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