Picturing the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains National Park

Posted by barbara on October 2, 2016




You can't beat the Blue Mountains, a deeply dissected high country plateau west of Sydney, for inspiring scenery of the grandest variety. The ridge country offers a mix of distance and depth and all-important vistas over rugged natural bushland that seems to disappear into the distance forever

The graphic above, created on a WACOM tablet with the Chalk paintbrush (back in 2008) was my starting point for the series of graphics below, all created using a range of Photoshop's Filters, including Artistic, Distort, Pixelate, Stylize and so on.



The digital image above demonstrates what happens if you put the original WACOM graphic through Photoshop's Filter Distort - Spherisize.



The digital graphic above owes its atmosphere to being 'wrangled' through Photoshop's Sponge Artistic filter, a somewhat gentle reworking of the original graphic.



The graphic above clearly demonstrates what the Watercolour Art Filter can do to my basic starting point, itself one of may options once you play around with the three sliders.  The Watercolour filter adds depth and intensity my starting image failed to capture.



Photoshop's Filter Distortion - Polar Coordinates never fails to inspire me for it's ability to come out with a completely different take on the original image.



And the resplendent graphic above demonstrates what the Glowing Edges filter makes of my humble starting point. I so love its intricate touch, vivid colours and the opportunities to dial this filter 'up or down' using the 'sliders', according to individual artistic tastes.



And last of this series, but never least, here's the original image wrangled through the Fresco filter, one of my perennial favourites!

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