Picturing a Condoblin shed, central western NSW

Posted by barbara on January 12, 2016



It's just a shed with a wonky tin roof in the vicinity of the New South Wales township of Condoblin ('Condo' to the locals). But scenic it is, sketched as I have here on a WACOM tablet, worked up from a photo I took in passing (at 110 kph). Thankfully, the clouds conspired, adding volume and contrast to the subject matter. 



Here's the same sketch rendered in Photoshop's Filter - Artistic - Watercolour. 



I rather like this simplistc rendition above, achieved by applying the Photoshop Filter - Texture - Stained Glass.



Frankly I am in awe of Photoshop's transformation of my WACOM sketch via the fiilter Stylize - Find Edges.



Here's what happens (above) if you apply Photoshop's filter Artistic - Palette Knife.



Viva la difference! I am quite taken by Photoshop's filter - Render - Difference Clouds. The filter inverts the original so to speak, creating an X-ray version.



And here's Photoshop's filter Distort - Polar Coordinates, one of my all time favourites when it comes to making something else out of my original digital artwork.

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