Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

Posted by barbara on March 12, 2017


Original Megalong Valley digital WACOM sketch


The graphic (above) is the original digital sketch I created on a WACOM tablet of a Megalong Valley view from an old friend's property.

I was drawn to this view in the first instance because of the sandstone ranges in the background (outliers of the Blue Mountains proper) and tree clad bare hills in the foreground. The sunlit escarpments were also a big plus.

Given the sketchy nature of this digital artwork, how can I improve it by wrangling it through Photoshop filters?

The following renditions, a tiny fraction of what's available via the suite of filters, show how.

See what you think. Clearly some work a lot better than others!



Photoshop Filter - Brush Strokes - Sumi-e

I consistently love the way the Sumi-e filter transforms a so so digital 'sketch', adding 'gravitas', intensity and drama to any landscape.


Photoshop Filter - Artistic - Smudgestick

The Smudgestick filter transforms my overly light and toneless sketch into a much more appealing rendition.


Photoshop Filter - Artistic - Fresco

Similarly the Fresco filter provides a more intense rendition which I personally feels is more apealing to the discerning eye.


Photoshop Filter Stained Glass

The Stained Glass rendition (above) is mild-mannered by comparison, though pleasant enough as a non-demanding backdrop of sorts.


Photoshop Filter - Artistic - Watercolour

There's not much difference between the artistic filters, Fresco and Watercolour, though the mutiple settings achieved by manipulating the left right sliders provide a wide range of interesting alternative versions.


Photoshop Filter - Stylise - Glowing Edges

The Glowing Edges filter creates a fun kind of rendition that is neonesque in the extreme. Experimenting with the slider options gives plenty of scope to get the best out of this filter.


Photoshop Filter - Artistic - Spongestick

And here's one of my favourites, Photoshop's Spongestick! Such a pretty rendition that introduces texture and vibrancy.

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