Flinders Ranges - the view from Hawker

Posted by barbara on September 15, 2013


On our visit to the Flinders Ranges in December 2012, we stayed at the self-contained Windana Cottages on the outskirts of Hawker. While it was a 50 km drive to the Flinders Ranges Resort and the best known walks, we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to watch the interplay of light on the ranges to the north, including sunrise and sundown, and all the guises in between.

No wonder Sir Hans Heysen based himself at Hawker for some of his early expeditions into the Flinders Ranges.


This inset digital graphic of the view, created on a WACOm tablet in Corel Painter, doesn't do justice to the simply marvelous interplay of colours and changing lighting as dawn gives way to noon and sundown on the ranges near and far.


Once again, I was surprised and delighted to see how my mild mannered graphic improved once submitted to Photoshop's Filter - Artistic - Watercolour.


This second graphic was created by applying a 'stepped up' watercolour filter.


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